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Rogue Edwards

The best marketing allows a brand to stand out from the crowd; connects with consumers on an authentic, relevant level; creates positive curiosity; and converts the curious into customers…And, that is what I do for lots of really cool brands!

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30+ Years of Marketing and Leadership Experience

Every project is unique. There is no singular approach or solution. But, great marketing will take a brand from a static entity, into an experience where the consumer and the brand mingle into one passion.

From websites and email campaigns, to traditonal media initiatives or internet marketing, I can get it done for you.

Give me a call, and lets get your business on track.



Product branding is a complex yet simple process. Creating your brand is about defining the feeling and look of your company, the design of the logo, the attitude of the company, color palettes, your identity and more. Many times a new brand feels uncomfortable to you, but soon, it becomes who you are!


After 30 years, I can boil down the secret sauce to:

Every project, every time:

      • Powerful ideas
      • Impeccable planning
      • Flawless execution
      • Proven data metrics


With 30+ years of experience I have seen a lot. The dictionary defines EXPERIENCE as: the knowledge and skill gained while doing something. Close, but I would describe it as the battle scars of time. Been there, done that. You need somebody who has walked the road.

Web Development

There are lots of folks who can make pretty pictures. There are lots of folks who can code. There are lots of folks who do marketing. But putting them all together is what sells your company and sells your products. And that is what I do. If you need a website, give me a call.