Chasing Ice

The 2013 Academy Award® nominated documentary Chasing Ice, which grossed $1.3 million, among the top docs of all time. 

Scope of work

Rogue co-directed a ticket outreach program that spanned more than 1,110 screenings in 78 theaters. Rogue and the team were named in the film’s 2016 DocImpact Award Report.

Marketing, grassroots/social media ticketing co-director

Our small team made contact with organizers of local, regional, and national groups offering access to a limited number of tickets to see the film on its premiere weekend in each theater. Each group organizer vetted the program, confirming that these were not promotional tickets with strings attached, but full-priced tickets purchased by supporters of the film and held in each guest’s name at the box office.

Over 120 groups offered these tickets to their members and fans, with the message reaching hundreds of thousands of people in total. We asked each of our 41,746 grant ticket recipients to pay it forward by promoting the film in advance to help fill theaters for each city’s opening weekend. The effort paid off hugely with record turnouts, 13,388 emails registered (8,864 opted in for updates), and hold-overs in 77% of all theaters.