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For decades, I have been putting brand marketing to the test.  My successful and extensive career has encompassed everything from working with film makers, self-started ventures, new business launches and established brands to corporate America. 

About Rogue Edwards

An expert of strategy, marketing, tactics, and logistical operations for complex projects, Rogue has a knack for assuring that whenever “the show must go on,” the show actually does go on. He brings 30 years of highest-level experience in sensible budgeting, visionary strategy, masterful team direction, and successful execution of events and new business initiatives.

He spent 10 years at Warren Miller Entertainment, the world’s longest-running annual film (and arguably the most successful touring movie franchise ever). As the Global Distribution Director, he was responsible for the worldwide release of the annual film, including a U.S. tour spanning over 100 live events with up to five concurrent road crews annually.

Following his time at WME, Rogue founded and served as COO of Synergy Group. This niche agency specialized in event tours, experiential marketing, and film distribution for clients from NASCAR Images and Chevy to the special events branch of National CineMedia. Highlights of his work at Synergy included the 212-city premiere of a Paul Newman-narrated Dale Earnhardt documentary.

Today, Rogue works with filmmakers, new business launches, and established brands to provide innovative ideas, incisive critique, and actionable strategic plans. Whenever a new initiative hits the road, he sources teams and oversees daily operations, drawing on 30 years of the successful management of critical logistics in demanding settings.

A glutton for more of the same, he spends free time heading up a competitive barbecue team; an array of questionable associates who travel to regional events. At home he attempts to ride herd on a high-energy household, a wife and three children who are the only ones to consistently evade his otherwise untarnished team management skills.

Rogue Edwards

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