Warren Miller Entertainment

Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) is the world’s longest-running annual film (and arguably the most successful touring movie franchise ever). Each year since 1949 WME has turned out a snow sports feature film that has kickstarted the season and passion for millions of skier and snowboards around the globe.

Scope of Work

Global Distribution Director

For over 10 years Rogue was responsible for the worldwide release of the annual film, including a U.S. tour spanning over 100 live events with up to five concurrent road crews annually. Responsibilities included: venue selection/negotiation, tour scheduling and routing, advertising/marketing, PR and live event management.

    • Annual film tour – bottom line responsibility for primary and independent events: brand identity, marketing, sponsorships and advertising (creation, planning, placement), ticket sales, staffing, operations

    • Office operations – staffing (including seasonal crews), hiring, training, budgets, forecasts, and risk management


    • Member of Executive Film Review Committee – creative and commercial direction of each annual film release


    • Oversaw international theatrical distribution – United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden


    • U.S. syndicated television – clearance of Warren Miller TV series and specials on RSN and local networks


    • U.S. home video – direct to consumer, Buena Vista distribution to retailers, video stores


    • International home video – Japan, Morocco, German-speaking Europe